The EServer is a digital humanities venture, based at Iowa State U, where hundreds of writers, editors and scholars gather to publish over 35,000 works free of charge.

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EServer Office

create/open a document with the name

enable RTC conferencing on modern browsers.

To create a new doc, type a unique name above and click 'Go'.

To open an existing doc, type its name above and click 'Go'.
(It's case-sensitive, so capitalize the correct letters.)

To collaborate, tell other people your doc's name.

This service is an experimental, collaborative word processor.
It permits users to write together, and review each other's work.
It's a free-of-charge, surveillance-free alternative to Google Docs,
extending work by the WHATWG and the Etherpad Foundation.
It's currently in public beta testing (version 1.0b3 at present);
we can't make data security assurances (yet), but it seems to work.

All privacy and acceptable use policies can be found here.